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Frustrated woman, tired of reading from screen

Do you have?

  • Pages to read in Google Docs?
  • Large texts at School website?
  • Long waiting book on Kindle?
  • Lack of time to read a Blogpost?
Natural Speakers selection inside Readvox extension

Instant Play

On any page activate extension and just click play

Natural Speakers selection inside Readvox extension

Natural Speakers

AI narrators with natural sounding voices

Listen to:

Listen to your Google DocsListen to your Kindle BooksListen to your Grammarly DocumentsListen to Medium ArticlesListen to Wikipedia Articles
BBC news articlesBusiness Insider articlesStarter Story articlesEntrepreneur articlesScienceDirect articles
and any other web page

Happy listeners

Few reviews from Readvox users

Feedback from Yvonne Brooks
Yvonne Brooks
Professor at MP University
I have been using it for a year now. It's a great tool for my students. It's easy to use and the voices are very natural.
Feedback from Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez
Designer at UXStudio
Transforms content consumption. Essential for creatives with eye strain.
Feedback from Emily Carter
Emily Carter
PM at Edge Technologies
I use it to listen users research and meetings notes while I'm doing other things.
Feedback from Richard Davis
Richard Davis
CEO at Tech Startup
Listening to long articles while I'm on the treadmill.
Feedback from Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang
Student at Lincoln School
I'm able to go through a pile of study material while relaxing on the couch. It's a game changer.


Natural Speakers selection inside Readvox extension

Congrats, it's free!

Steps to run the Readvox experience

How it works:

  1. 1. Install the Readvox extension
  2. 2. Open it and Select Speaker
  3. 3.Press play and enjoy audio narration

Why Readvox?

Steps to run the Readvox experience

Readvox text-to-speech brings the magic of human narration to your fingertips, offering an unparalleled listening experience that caters to your every need. Trained on a vast array of real human narrators, Readvox does not just read out text; it breathes life into words, wrapping you in the comfort and familiarity of genuine human speech. Imagine the depth of stories, the clarity of articles, and the precision of documents, all delivered with the intonations, speech patterns, tones, and accents of a personal narrator.

With Readvox, you're not just listening; you're immersing yourself in a seamless auditory experience that makes consuming online content more enjoyable and accessible than ever before. Whether you're multitasking, on the go, or simply prefer audio over text, Readvox adapts to your lifestyle, transforming reading into a hands-free, eyes-free activity. It's perfect for users of all ages and abilities, offering an inclusive way to enjoy the web without the strain of reading small text or navigating through dense information. Experience the joy of listening to your favorite content, narrated with the care, emotion, and personality of a human voice, anytime, anywhere.

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